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  • Road trip through Nevada & Arizona

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    Route: Las Vegas - Kingman - Oatman - Fort Mohave - Nelson - Las Vegas Transport Method: Ford Mustang Trip Duration: 3 Days

    322 miles in one day. Steve travelled to Las Vegas to take a 2018 Ford Mustang convertible on a short road trip through two glorious states.

    Las Vegas – a city synonymous for gambling, partying and generally a play ground for the rich and famous. However, what if you want a change from the hustle and bustle of the city and see more of what the silver state has to offer? The answer is to hire a car and I have devised a perfect road trip which allows you enjoy some of the amazing scenery, ghost towns, mining towns and route 66 which all helped make the states of Nevada and Arizona both famous and rich. Below is a picture of the planned route.


    Tips for driving in Nevada & Arizona

    • ·         You can turn right onto a road even if your traffic light sequence is on red if it is safe to do so.
    • ·         We would recommend obeying the speed limits as he had been warned we would see lots of Police cars. We only saw four marked Police vehicles but there were probably plenty of unmarked cars we didn’t see!
    • ·         Plan your route as phone signal can be limited in certain remote locations.
    • ·         Fuel stations can be limited when you’re out in the desert and as such we would recommend not letting the fuel tank fall below the ¼ tank mark.
    • ·         Always where your seatbelt whilst driving
    • ·         Never pass a school bus with the stop sign out.
    • ·         Never use your mobile phone whilst driving except through a hands free device.
    • ·         Children 6 years or younger are required to have a child restraint system.
    • ·         Do not drink and drive.

    Speed limits

    15mph - School Zones

    25mph - residential areas

    45mph - Areas going into towns

    65mph - Urban freeways, rural highways

    70mph - Rural interstate freeways

    Our recommendations

    • ·         Don’t stop at fort Mohave unless you require a break
    • ·         Do visit the Hoover Dam
    • ·         Consider visiting Chloride ghost town (off route 93)
    • ·         Take plenty of pictures
    • ·         Have fun!

    Starting location

    Most of the car rental companies are situated near to the McCarran Airport, which are a short taxi ride from most of the hotels situated near to the strip and cost approximately $20 for a ride there or back. To get the best deals on hire cars my advice is to book as early as possible and pay in full at the time of booking. Besides getting a cheaper price this also allows you to splash out on a nicer vehicle is desired. For example a similar Ford Mustang to the one I have on test would cost you £111 from Alamo if booked months in advance, whereas on the day it would have cost you more than double the price. The rental charge is for a full 24 hours from the time of booking and we’d recommend collecting your car at around 7am. This sounds early, but believe me the trip is worth it.

    Rental car location address: McCarran Airport Rental Car Return, 7231 Gilespie St, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

    image.png.d12f204be8d0d42e3f04cc7a634ffd7a.png  image.png.b9b106455e1237c9bb60fca13fe029ea.png

    Red Rock Canyon

    The first point of interest on our road trip is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area and features a 12 mile drive around beautiful scenery. Leaving the rental car lot its approximately a 30 minute drive to Red Rock Canyon along Route 215 & 159. Arriving at red Rock there is a toll booth where you pay the $15 vehicle fee to drive around the site. You will not be disappointed in spending the $15 as the views are breath taking and the following pictures do not do the area justice.

    Red Rock address: Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center, 1000 Scenic Loop Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89161, USA

    image.png.8cbbe274479f35d750dea386fe81182d.png  image.png.c03db51ed4d48b41b6fa6efdd2f6ba29.png

    Nelson ghost town

    After leaving red rock Canyon you have to back track yourself along route 215 and subsequently join the freeway, which becomes route 95 that takes you directly out of Las Vegas and into the wonderful Nevada desert. You need to keep an eye out though for the left turn for route 165 which takes you directly to Nelson. However there are two parts of Nelson, the first part that will come into view is the more modern buildings. Don’t stop here, instead carry on around the corner and you’ll be met by the rustic mining town. Once you’ve parked the car, head over to the visitor centre to check in and be given relevant safety information but to be fair your main danger is rattle snakes. The owners of the ghost town are lovely and they kindly ask if you’re going to take lots of pictures to pay a measly $10. The visitor centre does have cold drinks for sale in the freezer, but be warned you might get a surprise, as the carcases of the rattle snake caught in that year are kept in there!   Nelson is lovingly preserved and you cannot be impressed by the town’s charm. From Red Rock Canyon, Nelson is an hour’s drive  and approximately 60miles .

    Nelson address: Nelson, NV 89046, USA

    image.png.7be23e2b31c2aedf182790738f43d7a3.png  image.png.f722e4ec333ddcfecb65e147d8234915.png

    image.png.4a352ab44ede10228c38bc29dd383e4a.png  image.png.8ad2527b6c7d3896daa70878e7988e1b.png

    image.png.f23c0ea17010e8fc400c26579638d99f.png  image.png.72f8e0668623a5369b36e5c100b67445.png

    image.png.b793b766517425fa76d2d8bffb8724bf.png  image.png.fb6069e88def32487350c15e0eff9a2c.png

    image.png.1ff123823cb29a7ccad80d7737962270.png  image.png.841c3f580ffbb5f7efc28174edc54b69.png

    image.png.07ba989dd618096d0ade16442b4c706e.png  image.png.79d87c193081f1c0b19692faae48c9d2.png

    Colorado River

    As you leave Nelson turn right out of the carpark to head through the Eldorado Canyon and drive the 5 miles approx to the majestic Colorado River. You’ll find the road is a dead end but offers great views of the surrounding area.

    image.png.6087f00e3c500fb7b3c84233a6227851.png  image.png.e97e58a162d140f5674d2c54f6284fad.png

    image.png.3cdc49831ab4ff531a467f7b6793859b.png  image.png.aa20375eaf62aa62a0b16f98061ddd95.png

    Oatman Arizona

    Leaving the Colorado River you head back along the 165 and re-join the 95 to head towards Arizona. On our trip we stopped at the town Fort Mohave which was 1 hour 35 minutes from Nelson but other than getting a bite to eat we didn’t find anything else of note at the town. Therefore we’d recommend driving straight through the town to another famous ghost town – Oatman. To get to Oatman you have to come off route 95 and take route 163 through the Mesquite creek to reach the town. On the way you’ll go through, yet more stunning scenery in the Mojave Desert. As you get nearer to Oatman you’ll discover that you have come onto the world famous Route 66 which not only passes through Oatman but will take you to our next destination as well. Oatman is another well preserved ghost town with plenty of shops, bar and hotel. There’s also a small mine you can enter as well as a jail and museum which were both closed on our visit. It’s worth noting that if you intend to visit the town on a weekend, they often do wild west style shoot outs on the main road. Another curiosity for the town are the semi wild Burros that roam the streets. These donkey like creatures were once domesticated in the twos boom years but as they escaped from their owners throughout the decades the breed became more wild. But it has to be said they love to be fed and fussed over!

    image.png.d1fad1c39d43bf131a2e9d8336e10d6d.png  image.png.7ab7a140efa0b9c24801d90478de9f98.png

    image.png.6a26a4562e82fed59d1e95c33db44d03.png  image.png.df8767d1bbc76c586a3f664fd246c2fc.png

      image.png.cc9e3a59608e55bb1e6fab7b6d1784a6.png  image.png.d67c0aa366f106c22a625ed7ba356a04.png

    Kingman Arizona

    Leaving Oatman, you continue along the historic Route 66 for just under an hour to arrive at the town of Kingman. However before I discuss Kingman I want to talk about the fantastic drive to the town via the world’s most famous highway. The drive between Oatman and Kingman is breath-taking but can alos be dangerous if you chose to drive irresponsibly. The stretch of 66 we were on had shear drops, uneven surfaces at the edge of the highway and tight turns. It is truly an amazing experience but as already mentioned it would not suffer fools.

    image.png.4418f27105c8cdcf7a4da6f3baf0fd7e.png  image.png.f28a262b401a89c9c1c9da121dce4fa0.png

    image.png.9df8ca5ed93443e3553410ce5545d50e.png  image.png.f45ed658b9e6c46e562a8a42504cffb3.png

    On arriving at Kingman there is a fantastic traditional diner where food and drink is served with enthusiasm. The staff were friendly and genuinely interested in talking to us both about our trip but also about the UK. Next to the diner was a second-hand car lot which sold muscle cars and hotrods which stood out. I definitely wanted one or two! Unfortunately because we had arrived at Kingman at 9pm not a lot of places were open and couldn’t get a full flavour of what the town had to offer.   

    image.thumb.png.65e7fe1558fbefc5ef1c10a1db692871.png  image.thumb.png.f9dfc45f6251e601042ddacc6128bfa7.png  image.png.128ac326513086d1724160390dd1a4b6.png

    image.png.0cb56034b429ae5e45fa5c9f7a791f3f.png  image.png.48f6be794462a3d7ac9e8e77630c7dda.png

    After we were finished at the diner we picked up route 93 and headed back towards Las Vegas with a plan to visit the Hoover Dam before it closed at 9pm. unfortunately we arrived 15 minutes late and thus couldn’t visit the Dam. After this setback we decided to return the car to the rental company and which concluded our road trip.

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    Thanks for reading our Nevada & Arizona road trip, we hope we have inspired you to complete a US road trip of your own and we can assure you that you won't be disappointed!

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