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France Road Trip

Road Trip through France Vehicle:  Alfa Romeo GT diesel Total Mileage:  1300 miles Duration: 10 days Route:  Calais - Reims - Dijon - Annecy - Chambrey - Oredour - Brantome - Le Mans - Cherbourg     Downloadable Route Map link:   https://goo.gl/maps/zVs45s1fFxbQ631b9 Day 1 - Set off from Calais to Dijon with the intention of getting a good distance under way on the first day. Stopped via Reims-Gieux, the historical race track used for the French Grand Prix during

German Road Trip

Road Trip through Germany Vehicle:  BMW Z3 Total Mileage:  1800 miles Duration: 8 days Route:  Calais - Strasbourg - Fussen - Innsbruck -   Day 1 - Calais to Strasbourg Left Calais after ferry crossing from Dover. Headed for Strasbourg for the first leg of the trip, heavy going but breaks the back of the journey on the first day.    Finally arrived at Strasbourg to check into hotel and source somewhere to eat and view the city at night. Quite incredible
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