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  1. Just enjoy seeing different places on the journey and never return the same roads
  2. I have done a few of these routes...memorable vistas
  3. Yes definitely cant wait to do the European trip we had planned for this year.
  4. Gone to the dark side now and sold the Alfa which will be sorely missed 😞 Have bought a Nissan Juke as has petrol engine and four doors which is now what i need. Will have to get another Alfa in the future though, such fun cars to drive x
  5. Wonder when this trip will be possible to do ? Would love to do the Italian lakes 😀
  6. Really looking forward to a lovely long drive in the Alfa and don't really where to I just want to drive (fast) 🙂
  7. I own an Alfa Romeo GT with a diesel engine. had this car for many years and virtually no problems with it at all Love it x
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