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  1. Our first driving experience in the USA was when I was in my fifties and we thought that Florida would give us a very interesting experience in a warm climate late in the year. We gad a rented car in the package we took, a small Mazda, with a very small engine, but good air conditioning. The holiday was not just staying in Orlando, but taking a road trip from there to Key West. With a speed limit in force in most of Florida, the small car did a reasonable job, although we decided that the next time we came it would be a larger car. Alligator Alley was interesting, as was Key Largo, and the drive along the Seven Mile Bridge was quite an experience which we repeated two years later with a much longer road trip, and with a 2 litre Chrysler that was much too our liking. We went in January, with a gentle drive down to Key West where we stayed for 5 days, before we went up the coast through Miami to Daytona Beach where we experience a little frost on the windscreen. Wile I was scraping the windscreen a local man asked me what it was -- he had never seen frost before! We had a very interesting time which gave us a taste for driving in the USA. We took many photographs, had great experiences in Mallory Square in Key West, Key Largo, the Kennedy Space Centre, and driving along Daytona Beach. We said at the time than another road trip was on the cards and there was some few years later, which i will post later. Some photos from our two first trips in Florida. Peter.
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