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  1. Hi Alfa4 I have come across the problem before and you'll be pleased to know it is a very simple and cheap fix! The brake fluid will need topping (maybe just very slightly) as the chassis control system senses the level is too low. First time I experienced this I was surprised at how simple yet also how complex the system is to take the fluid level reading this precisely. Top up the fluid to the 'maximum' level but no higher and see if the light extinguishes and does not return. Also, consider that the fluid level may have dropped for a reason! This could be a major problem with a hydraulic component if the level has dropped a significant amount but if only dropped slightly then it is more than likely the brake pads may have worn low. Either way, have the brake components inspected for safety and condition
  2. For me, it's the journey that is the most important factor of the road trip, along with the various towns and villages you stop at en-route. Have encountered many experiences (good and bad) on past trips and it's certainly a steep learning curve and finding out what to do and not to do on future trips.
  3. Here is a list of things you may need to pack for the car when setting off on a Road Trip (Please Note: some items will have an affiliate link which clicks through to a supplier but you will not be charged anything for this) A motoring kit needs to be packed in the car before venturing abroad. Below is a list of the minimum required kit to take with you in order to comply with all the rules and regulations: The below items are linked for your convenience and for easier searching. First Aid Kit (comprehensive) Spare Bulb Kit (bulbs for all the lights on the car) Breathalysers (necessary in France) GB Sticker on the rear of the vehicle Headlamp Deflectors Warning Triangle (sometimes two, depending on country) Fluorescent Jackets (one per passenger and packed within the car so as accessible) Vehicle Documents (Insurance, MOT, Registration Documents) Driving Licence(s) Other items that you may wish to take with you: Spare Key, it's no good being left at home! Best to give to a passenger. Dash Cam (plenty of false claims occurring on the continent) Sat Nav (no speed camera location software to be used in France) Games and entertainment for the Kids Food and Drink, although the motorway services are of a high standard and are generally quite reasonable costs. Change (coins of the local currency) are needed for the Toilets in motorway services - HINT: some toilet turnstiles issue an entry ticket which can be redeemed at the shop checkout for the full amount paid
  4. Route 66, known as the Mother Road starts in Chicago and travels 300 miles through Illinois. Take it to Joliet and visit the historic Rialto Theater that plays host to world-class entertainment. Stop off at diners who specialize in delicious, homemade food, and visit Starved Rock, voted Illinois' number one attraction, with its huge bluffs, deep canyons and majestic waterfalls.
  5. Route 66, known as the Mother Road starts in Chicago and travels 300 miles through Illinois. Take it to Joliet and visit the historic Rialto Theater that plays host to world-class entertainment. Stop off at diners who specialize in delicious, homemade food, and visit Starved Rock, voted Illinois' number one attraction, with its huge bluffs, deep canyons and majestic waterfalls.
  6. Which ones have you done from the above Alfa4 ? I have previously done the following (sometimes more than once): 1, 2, 4, 5, 11, 12, 15, 19 However, am looking to do the following in the near future: 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 17 Chomping at the bit for the restrictions not to be there early next year and finally get out on the road 🙂
  7. Led Zeppelin 1 Led Zeppelin 2 Led Zeppelin 3 Led Zeppelin 4 ...need I go on? 🙂
  8. By the early 1990s the Rover Group sales were on the up. Their relationship with Honda had produced the success of the Rover 200, the flagship Rover 800 and the company was now in the hands of British Aerospace Unfortunately the world"s economy was not strong, with the world"s markets for both cars and planes, commercial and military, falling. It is in these times that the SK3 project started, stalled and was reborn as the R3 Rover 200. It has been called 'The last all-British, volume car' but that's not true... It is a story worth telling and now has been told by many of those involved at the time. They have revisited distant areas of their memories, their lofts and drawers to recover lost parts of a fascinating story. Versions have been told before, but they are based on facts released at the time, and are therefore only partially complete. The story covers the the genesis of the car, Honda's involvement, the switch to being a Rover-only project, the design and engineering, marketing and launch of, in Quentin Willson's words of the time, "This little Burster"! The Rover 200 & 400 Owners Club has compiled their stories into this 80-page full cover book. I recently reviewed the book and found the accuracy and detailed information to be of the highest quality. Having owned and operated an MG Rover garage for many years, my involvement with these cars during the period before and after administration, was based on mutual respect to both the cars and the owners. It was easy to see why these cars had an appeal to a specific market, unfortunately though not to the mass market due to media reviews of poor substance (Top Gear springs to mind) and the British public never really warmed to the brand as they should have done. I personally owned several 200 models, diesel, petrol and my particular favourite the 200 LE 'BRM' which was a superb car in every respect. Head Gasket failure was an issue but once the revised polyelastimer gasket of more substantial quality was fitted (without skimming the head) it resolved the issue and we never had one returned. Overall, it was a quality small car which should have enjoyed more success than it did and definitely deserves its place in British automotive history. Thanks to this very well written publication, the cars' history lives on and those lucky few to have owned one should enjoy reading this book which delivers plenty of factual and historic information. Enjoy!
  9. Route taking in the historic, derelict Reims-Gueux circuit in the Champagne region of France. Next onto the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit which is nestled in the Ardennes, Belgium. Finally onto the world-famous Nurburgring circuit in Germany. Directions from Circuit du Reims-Gueux to Nürburgring.kmz Read all about it :- Classic Motorsport Routes Book https://www.transporterama.com/index.php?/store/product/1-classic-motorsport-routes/
  10. Welcome John....good choice in cars and always handy to have a fair weather car to hand for when its a bit warmer. I use my BMW Z3 in the winter but with wooly hat and heater blowing hot and still great fun to drive on a cold winters day Good to have you onboard!
  11. That makes two of us Alfa4 🙂 My Z3 is ready for the sunshine and still quite empty roads (for the moment that is)
  12. I have done the Italian Lakes before on my motorbike but made a schoolboy error in thinking they are easy to drive round not realising the view is pretty much the same all round with the exception of some lovely towns and villages scattered throughout the coast road. The biggest mistake was not realising that they are usually 30mph all the way round which is nice to take in the views but takes forever to get round the lake 😞
  13. How's everyone coping with lockdown and looking forward to getting back on the roads?
  14. I attend this race event every year (last 13 years in a row) and will go for as long as they run it and I'm still vertical. Has to be the best race event on the calendar for not just the 24 hours racing and other events but just the spectacle and atmosphere. Can highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys motorsport
  15. Planned a road trip to Switzerland once the lockdown is over. Very tempted to have made it a Swiss / Italian route and take in the Italian Lakes but it means less time to take in the sights and more driving. https://goo.gl/maps/muGHJu8wEUQ2NwQP7
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