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  • Used Car Review: Honda CR-V (3rd Generation)

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    Vehicle purchases over time have mainly been based on what is around at the time that falls into a budget.
    However, occasionally there is a checklist of 'must haves' to comply with, in order to make a well researched and sensible purchase


    The Honda CR-V, has been one of these checklist purchases and it seems Honda are well aware of this by giving the customer exactly what they want. The Mk3 or Third Generation CR-V is completely different in so many ways to its predecessors but the overall body style is carried through to current models (albeit moderately facelifted in 2010). The Engine. The i-CTDi engine is a reliable 2.2 four cylinder which has been used throughout the Honda range but has been complemented by fuel-efficient turbocharging to give a very flexible and economical power unit.

    The revised i-DTEC engine was brought into play to comply with Euro5 emissions standards. Honda also produced a 2.0 petrol engine for those who choose the alternative fuel option. This engine does however, feel very low on power output when needed so overtaking requires a gear change to a lower gear to encourage it to deliver. Transmission is courtesy of either 5 speed automatic or 6 speed manual. Four-wheel drive is provided for those sticky situations by using fluid pressure technology in the rear final drive unit to equalise the output to all driven wheels.


    The exterior seems robust enough to cope with everyday usage and apart from the wheels de-lacquering, the overall look is difficult to date with a private plate. There is a very large 'moonroof' with sliding internal cover (controlled electrically) which is good to let in natural light on a nice day but too hot in the heat of the summer.


    The high-spec leather option interior is both incredibly plush and comfortable on any distance journey. Other options include a SatNav and Audio system that is multi-functional with voice control, albeit incredibly fiddly to use.
    The voice control option continues through the vehicle, controlling functions such as the air conditioning/climate control, audio, telephone and a host of other systems. In reality, it is quite pointless as the majority of controls are within a distance of the driver or the front passenger to alter and the system is not too responsive to voice commands.
    The seats fold in many different ways and allow large items to be transported very easily in the capacious rear storage area. Nice ideas like the twin level shelf areas within the boot and sliding storage cover.


    Reliability is the keyword associated with Honda, and this car does not fail to live up to the well-earned reputation. There have been a couple of issues here and there but compared to most other make, they are a drop in the ocean. Watch out for steering geometry being out (vehicle pulls slightly to one side) and steering racks have also caused problems. Air Conditioning pumps have been prone to failure with the clutch pulley seizing and throwing the drivebelt. Also, keep an eye on shuddering from the rear when on full lock…the rear axle oil may need flushing and replacing.
    Otherwise, the CR-V is a first class vehicle to own and drive and would highly recommend one to anyone looking for a large capacity and luxurious Crossover

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