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  • Q & A with Adrianflux about motor Insurance during The Corona Virus Pandemic

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    With the UK in Corona Virus lockdown many people are asking what help their insurance provider can provide in these trying times.

    Adrian Flux insurance answers some questions regarding insurance during the pandemic.


    Is Adrian Flux still open for business? 

    We are still available to take your calls and respond to emails. Our opening hours remain the same and you can still use the website to request policy changes and access policy information. 


    Can I still change my motor insurance policy?

     Yes, we are still here to help with your queries or you can use MyAdrianFlux to access and change your policy along with other Motor Insurance providers. 


     I have been advised to self isolate. Can I pause my motor insurance?

     It is a legal requirement to have valid car insurance unless your car is registered as off the road. Therefore we aren't able to “pause” your policy; it must be active or cancelled. 

    Cars can be damaged by accident or fire and they can be targeted by thieves even when unused and parked on private property so you may find it cost-effective to convert to laid up insurance cover. 

    If you take laid-up cover while you fine tune your  Audi for the show season it will remain protected but the policies are cheaper because there is no third party risk. 


    Doctors have advised me to self isolate. Am I still covered to drive?  

    You will still be covered to drive but we advise against driving during the lockdown unless absolutely essential, especially if you are showing symptoms which could impair your ability. 


    If you have concerns about your motor insurance, contact us on the dedicated line on: 0800 587 6323 or visit the Adrian Flux website to see more:



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