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    XCP have a range of Maintenance Fluids in the automotive and DIY market and have product placement with some major players in the automotive arena.

    The XCP range is quite unique, and this is mainly because of the properties of their products being vastly different to that of their competitors, making it safer to use with its higher flash point when using it on hot engine parts, very useful when spraying onto a hot exhaust manifold bolt in order to loosen it.

    We carried out a review for the products on an Alfa Romeo, which like most cars, is stored outside without cover all year round. Therefore, the resulting corrosion is quite minimal due to air being constantly circulated around the exposed parts.

    However, there are some linkages that are tighter than they should be, hinges and joints that aren’t as loose as they should be and general surface corrosion to take care of. So which product to use first?

    We opted for the Multi-Purpose spray to start with and then apply the Rust Protection on those parts that require a rust inhibitor. Finally, the Lubricate and Protect Maintenance Spray was used to seal in the newly freed-off and cleaned parts.

    How did we test the products?

    The test vehicle used for the lubricants was a 2006 Alfa Romeo GT with over 100k miles of British road use. It goes without saying that this is an ideal vehicle for any test evaluation, especially as it was used to dismantle original front suspension components.

    So how did the XCP Multi-Purpose Maintenance Spray perform? 


    Prior to freeing off the seized components that were earlier identified, it is necessary to ensure that the fluid can enter between the two surfaces.
    The spray was of a high enough pressure to penetrate, and it would seem to have quite an effective capillary action necessary to find its way deep enough into the surface areas.

    After giving the components some time for the fluid to penetrate, the fasteners were undone with very little effort and noticeable traces of the fluid having travelled down through the threads.

    Prior to reassembling the components and fasteners that did not require any thread locking application, a liberal spraying of the Rust Protection spray was applied to any areas that you do not wish any corrosion setting in. Time will tell how effective this treatment is.

    You can buy this product here

    Lubricate & Protect Maintenance Spray


    Anyone who has ever owned an Alfa Romeo will know how irritating the suspension creaking noises can be. Dry bushes are usually to blame and because of this, the suspension components were spayed with this spray prior to refitting. Once again, time will tell how effective this has been.

    You can buy this product here

    Rust Protection Maintenance Spray


    To finish off any repair work and whilst you’re in the area it’s handy to liberally spray the Rust Blocker in the general area to ensure that no corrosion sets in with the salt deposits during the Winter months. Again, time will tell as to how efficient this spray is at preventing any corrosion.

    You can buy this product here


    Overall, it is most definitely a very impressive pack of Maintenance Sprays that seem to cover all eventualities that you would encounter when working on vehicles.
    Would we have some in the toolbox for the vehicles that come through for repair….Yes, most definitely!

    Product & Company Overview

    XCP produce a range of products to provide the highest standards in maintenance, lubrication and rust protection.  They have a noteworthy list of credentials including Edd China, the AA (who in 2012 selected XCP™ ONE™ as their preferred multipurpose spray) and the Honda Racing British Super Bike Team.

    XCP products beat market leaders including WD40, ACF50 and PlusGas when it comes to performance (loosening & lubricating) and are safer to use as the liquids themselves are non-volatile and non-flammable.

    VIDEO CLIP         XCP advert starring Edd China

    VIDEO CLIP         Product flammability tests


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