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  • Is your car safe to return to the road?

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    After this long period of lockdown, many cars have not been driven and may have hidden issues which could compromise safety when returned to the road

    For the short amount of time that it takes to check your car before setting off is a worthwhile investment, even if it does highlight a problem that you have to resolve, it is still more beneficial to get it sorted before leaving home.
    A few quick checks similar to those listed below could save you a lot of money on vehicle repairs, fines or even avoid an accident occurring.
    Added to the fact that a lot of cars benefited from having a six-month extension to the MOT expiry date this can have a detrimental effect upon the safety and roadworthiness of your car.

    What you should check on your car before you set off on a journey

    • Fluids – Engine coolant and oil levels, power steering fluid, screen-wash,
    • Electrics – Battery condition, lighting, warning lamps, horn, washers and wipers
    • Tyres – Pressures, condition, spare wheel or sealant
    • Brakes – Pad wear, brake fluid level

    Other areas to consider having checked over by a Garage before setting off

    • Drive Belts – Camshaft Timing Belt, Auxiliary Drive Belt (Alternator, Air Conditioning, Power Steering)
    • Air Conditioning – Does it blow cold air? Does it smell?
    • Brakes binding  see related article

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