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  • Guide To Starter Motors

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    Steve Q

    Steve has a look at starter motors. 

    Perkins 6.354 Starter Motor 12V

    What is a starter motor?

    As it sounds, the starter motors function is designed to assist in firing up the engine. when the key is turned this sends a message to the alternator and battery, which sends DC current electrical signal to the starter motor. The starter motor then activates a pinion with a mesh (cog), which engages with the flywheel thus turning the engine over which ultimately allows the car to start and run under its own power. 

    How the starting system works | How a Car Works

    Where is the starter motor located?

    The starter motor is located near to where the engine and gearbox meet, which is often quite low down in the car and can be recognised by being cylindrical in shape with another cylinder on top.  

    How do I remove the starter motor on a 2004 Sharan tdi? - Ford ... VW Sharan starter motor in situ. 

    Does it go wrong?

    I failing starter motor can manifest itself in various ways:

    1. Starter motor completely burnt out often caused by low voltage or persistent turning of the key when engine is either running or failing to start.
    2. Low voltage from the battery preventing it to engage properly. 
    3. Corroded or broken terminals or wiring in the electrical system preventing the electrical connection passing to the starter motor efficiently.
    4. Sticking key switch
    5. Faulty neutral safety switch

    Mercury 150 starter bendix failing and smoking - YouTube

    Is it easy to replace? 

    In most cases it can be replaced fairly easily a competent DIYer and reqires you to:

    1. Disconnect the battery
    2. Locate the starter motor
    3. Unclip the wiring
    4. Unbolt it from the vehicle 
    5. Refit in the reverse sequence. 

    Simple starter motor replacement Honda Odyssey √ Fix it Angel ...

    I hope you have found this guide useful, please let us know by leaving a comment below. 


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