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Steve Q

Fitting number plates

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A quick guide on how to reattach numberplates with the adhesive pads. Usually once you remove number plates the previous adhesive pads are still stuck to the bumper or what's left of them. 

1. Use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm up the pad on the bumper

2. Then use your finger nail or credit card to scrape off the residue of the pads. 

3. To further help to remove the residue you can use WD40 or white spirit which will help lift the glue off the bumper. 

4. Then repeat stage 2 to remove more residue. Followed by stage 1 and 3 if it is being tough to remove. 

Hint: you could also buy specific cleaning products to remove glue and tar which unfortunately I did not have to hand. 

5. Once the number plate area is clean you can attach the new adhesive pads. 

6. Now align the numberplate and make sure it's straight. 

Job done! 






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