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mazda eunos misfire

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i have a misfire on my 1991 mazda eunos 1.6 and it disapears after a while i suppose when it is hot.

any ideas?  hasn't worried me but is spoiling the drive until it is warmed up 

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Usually a case of the HT leads failing...check the condition and if in doubt then replace them, they're cheap enough.

Other faults that could cause the misfire is water (or oil) getting into the spark plug holes in the head where they are recessed into the valve cover and run quite deep.
Then if water goes past the HT leads (which should ideally cover the ports) then this can store in the bottom of the plug and cause a misfire.
Another fault is if the valve cover gasket is leaking oil then this can also drip into the recess....all quite easy to check and rectify at little cost.

Let us know what you find 

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