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All-new Lister Knobbly confirmed for production

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Lister Knobbly reimagination British firm's boss has released an image its new sports car, a modern reimagining of its 1950s racing models

Lister boss Lawrence Whittaker has revealed that the company will build a new version of its classic Lister Jaguar Knobbly sports car.

Whittaker released a rendering of the new car, a modern reimagining of the 1958 racing machine, on social media, adding: “we will build it”. No technical details have been released, however.

The image shows the new Knobbly will be a two-seater maintaining a style close to the original, complete with the distinctive headlights, a long bonnet and a low air intake. Given the design, it seems to retain the front-engined, rear-wheel-drive format.

Lister began building continuation runs of the original Knobbly in 2014, of a track car and a roadgoing model. The latter offered a choice of two six-cylinder Jaguar engines: a 4.2-litre unit and a 3.8-litre race-spec example.

Brian Lister founded his eponymous company to produce sports cars in 1954. In 1957, it developed a machine based around a 3.4-litre Jaguar D-Type with a new aerodynamic aluminimum body. That car also formed the basis for a single-seater car, and they became known as Lister Knobblys due to their sculpted bodywork.

The revived firm, based in Cambridge, recently released the LFT-666 (previously known as the Thunder), a 666bhp reworking of the Jaguar F-Type, and is currently working on a 200mph reworking of the F-Pace SUV named the LFP.

Whittaker, who acquired Lister in 2013, has also revealed plans to develop a sucessor to the Storm supercar of 1993.

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A drive in the 666bhp Lister Thunder LFT-666

Road-legal Lister Jaguar Knobbly makes production

Lister reborn with new sports car (from 2013)

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