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Audi directors committed to TT's survival

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Audi TT Model's uncertain future has been an "emotional" topic of discussion in boardroom meetings

The Audi TT could live on in the brand's electrified future, according to board member for technical development H.J Rothenbieler. 

Asked if the two-seater could fall victim to line-up consolidation in an effort to meet WLTP regulations and improve profitability, Rothenbieler stated that the board has been "fighting for it".

Audi plans to introduce 12 fully-electric vehicles before 2030, but is hopeful that the range will include a viable model in each segment. 

"We want it", said Rothenbieler of the Porsche Boxster rival, which has been the subject of "emotional discussions" taking place in recent Audi boardroom meetings.

Prospects for the well-known sports car have long been in question, hampered by ongoing issues over profitability in the relatively low-volume sports car segment.

Autocar has previously reported that Audi was understood to be re-evaluating the TT's future, which was confirmed by company CEO Bram Schot at the Geneva motor show.

When asked whether the TT will continue, he said: “That’s a very good question. I think there’s a future for an [Audi] icon but I don’t know if it’s a TT. My heart bleeds when you ask that question!"

He added: “I’ve got some things cooking which could replace TT, though not necessarily directly.”

Sources have told Autocar that a future TT could take the shape of a four-door liftback.

Schot flagged the ongoing investment demands of electrification, mobility and technology as reasons for the re-evaluation.

He explained that since taking over as CEO last year, he has reduced complexity in the Audi line-up by 27% through simplifying variants and engine line-ups but said there is more to do.

“Audi has to be really prominent in future, but electrification has to be financed. I cannot afford to be in every country, in every segment,” Schot said.

A facelifted Audi TT will arrive in showrooms next month and is expected to stay on sale until 2022.

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