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BMW Z3 1.9 WIDE BODY Xreg Only 88k miles Jet Black Red Leather

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Very reluctant sale of my BMW Z3 Wide body sports car. Selling due to relocation

This is my second Z3 and 5th BMW, they are very well made cars.
This is a 2000 facelift model, so wider and with an upgraded dash, chrome etc etc.
  • The paint is BMW JET BLACK and is in very good condition.
  • The body work is exceptionally straight with some marks from wear and tear over its 18 year life.  There is a small dent near the drivers door/wing, but very small.
  • The tyres have loads of tread and the alloys are in very good original condition.
  • The hood is solid and tight with one very small rip that has been sealed, the rear plastic window is new, so neither cracked, fogged or creased.  The electric hood works too (remember. windows down, engine on and car in neutral with foot on the brake, safety features etc etc)
  • Wing mirrors are electric
  • Interior is finished in red leather, and is none ripped, with no pulled seams, the seats are electric, up down forwards back. Tho the passenger seat has an issue with going forwards at times (switch needs cleaning? It does matter to me as the seat is set for either long or short legs) . The interior is very clean with BMW fitted overmats and a gel steering wheel covers (the leather on the wheel is fine tho has smoothed over time, with the gel cover grip is fantastic)
The car will come with the rare fitted roof cover (for when the roof is down, it covers up all the mechanism) Plus there is a chrome carrier on the boot lid.
The car drives very well, going through the gears and stopping as expected.
Any issues? The wishbones will need replacing as the rubber mounts have worn, and the threads are rusted, affecting alignment adjustment (these parts are just £25 each..if I had time I would get done and ask £200 plus for the car..I understand it can be fitted by the home mechanic, but thats not me unfortunately...but price readily reflects this) . She also likes to mark her spot with a drip of oil, but again doesnt affect anything.  The previous owner was a Toyota Car mechanic and during his ownership he replaced the head gasket, and serviced the car.
I have the owners wallet and manuals plus one key.  Im am using her every day so the mileage will go up.  I paid £130 fully comp (Im 56) and it was actually £106 when I received my cash back from Topcashback. Its cheap to insure as its considered a classic.
The price is way lower than any other comparable Z3 widebody with this mileage.
Any inspection is welcome, to drive the full amount in cash (its your responsibility to have insurance etc etc)
The car is in Bristol and is for sale outside of Ebay.

BUY HERE - eBay Link

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