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Steve Q

Fitting a sunstrip

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Sunstrips can both be aesthetically pleasing and yet very useful. The concept actually originates to the 1970s, where certain cars would be fitted with a green tint across the top of the windscreen. Then in the 1980s and 1990s it was quite common to see racing cars being fitted with sunstrips to not only block out the sun, but also provide extra sponsorship space on the vehicle.

This craze then later filtered onto both the modified car scene for a racey look, and the commercial vehicle sector to provide a space for company sign writing. If you would like to fit a sunstrip either for vehicle modification, company advertising or just to block out the sun on winter days then here’s our fitting guide:

Step 1

Wash the windscreen. This might seem obvious but if you don’t then the sunstrip might not stick properly to the windscreen.


Step 2

Place the strip on the car (unstuck!) to measure your desired width of the sunstrip, and then mark the point with tape (we used blutak). You may need an assistant to help with this and also remember the sunstrip can NOT be in the wipers sweep or cover more than 25% of the window area.

Alternately some sunstrips come pre measured for your car to make them easier to fit.

Step 3

Trim to the sunstrip to the desired size.


Step 4

Spray the windscreen with a water/washing up liquid mixture to help get the sunstrip in the right place.

Step 5

Peel off the backing of the sunstrip and attach the strip to the windscreen to the mark line (we used blutak for the marker).


Step 6

Now the sunstrip is fitted, you now need to use the water/washing up liquid mixture with a squeegee to get the air bubbles out. A pin might also come in handy to help with this. Once this is done, you can admire your hard work.


Please note we used more than one type of sunstrip for the making of this guide. 


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