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Steve Q

Fitting an auxiliary fuse box

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Having an auxiliary fuse box can be beneficial to those who intend to modify their vehicle, either for work or pleasure and who intend to add additional electrical components such as exterior/interior lighting, stereo upgrades and alarms to name but a few. To fit a battery master switch you’ll need:

Auxiliary fuse box with junction box  -  Examples available from eBay


Four gauge wire from an auto accessories/ICE shop


Insulated spade connectors



Step 1

Disconnect the battery. This might seem obvious but if you forget you run the risk of running the cars electrical system through you!


Step 2

Run the four gauge wire from the battery to your chosen fuse box location. This could be in the engine bay or even in the cabin. DON’T connect the four gauge wire to the battery yet.

Step 3

Connect the other end of the four gauge wire to the junction box. The other end of the junction box will split the electrical supply between your additional electrical components. 


Step 4

Those split electrical supplies are then individually connected with insulated spade connectors to the fuse box. Connection point can be seen at the side of this fuse box. 


Step 5

Mount/attach the junction box and fuse box to the vehicle.


Step 6

Fit the correct size fuses to the fuse box.



Step 7

Re-join the four gauge wiring to the battery. Then reconnect the leads to the battery and you’re finished. 


Please note that the items shown in the pictures may differ from the one available in your country, however the fitting process will be the same.


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