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The Motorists' Guide

What you need for the car on a Road Trip


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Here is a list of things you may need to pack for the car when setting off on a Road Trip 

(Please Note: some items will have an affiliate link which clicks through to a supplier but you will not be charged anything for this)

A motoring kit needs to be packed in the car before venturing abroad.
Below is a list of the minimum required kit to take with you in order to comply with all the rules and regulations:


The below items are linked for your convenience and for easier searching.

Other items that you may wish to take with you:

  • Spare Key, it's no good being left at home! Best to give to a passenger.
  • Dash Cam (plenty of false claims occurring on the continent)
  • Sat Nav (no speed camera location software to be used in France)
  • Games and entertainment for the Kids
  • Food and Drink, although the motorway services are of a high standard and are generally quite reasonable costs.
  • Change (coins of the local currency) are needed for the Toilets in motorway services - HINT: some toilet turnstiles issue an entry ticket which can be redeemed at the shop checkout for the full amount paid
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