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  1. The Motorists Guide


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    Welcome to The Motorists Guide Forum 


    General chat section....talk about anything, car related or not !

    Reviews of New and Used Cars

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    Motoring Deals

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    Motoring Deals & Bargains discussion


    Got a problem with your car....ask away and we'll try to help you diagnose the fault and save you money!


    Member only Classifieds section - advertise your motoring or driving related products or services for sale / wanted

    Driving Forum

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    Discussions on Driving...techniques, methods, hints & tips


  2. Club Forums

    Guides to Driving in Europe - What you need to know

    Tell us about your Road Trips through the UK

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    Add your experiences of your own Road Trip here

    Chat about Old School cars here

    Tell us about your Modern Classic and what you have done to it

    'Old School Cool' Car Parts For Sale

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    Discussions on Brexit....new Motoring laws, pro's & con's of leaving Europe, etc

    Reviews of 'old school cool' cars

    Car Maintenance & Repair Guides  (not vehicle specific)


    Hints & Tips for improving and cutting Motoring costs


    Has your modern classic done phenomenal miles and refuses to die...then tell us about it.
    It's always nice to know which cars can manage it with no major issues!

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