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  2. This French Road Trip took us down the eastern side of France, down to the mid-region across it to the western side and up to the north, effectively in a horseshoe type route. We set off in an Alfa Romeo GT Diesel coupe which was a superb choice for this trip as it is incredibly economical, powerful and comfortable. It also had superb air conditioning which was definitely needed on this trip in August, one of the hottest times of the year to travel through this region. Day 1: Dover - Calais - Reims - Dijon No trip through Northern France for a petrolhead would be complete without visiting the now defunct but restored Reims race circuit. If you are not into motorsport then maybe indulge in the Champagne as Reims is where all Champagne originates from. Upon arriving in Dijon and feeling quite exhausted from breaking the back of the journey in one hit, we found out hotel for the night. Dijon has undergone some considerable revitalisation in the city centre and is now an up and coming city worth visiting for its many architectural wonders along with many fine restaurants, markets and shops. Day 2: Dijon - Annecy Setting off from Dijon, we headed down to Annecy and you can see the landscape changing quite dramatically the more miles you drive Once you arrive in Annecy, you are struck by how beautiful this town actually is. Annecy is set within a network of canals with buildings arranged on the bank and also within the canals. Day 3: Annecy - Chambery
  3. Doesn't look like there will be much overseas travel this year.....maybe next year then? Although not impossible to hop across the ocean for a European road trip, the resulting restrictions would spoil an otherwise joyful event in my opinion. Besides, there is so much to see in this country and also keeps the UK economy buoyant 🙂
  4. Radiohead is now topping my list of road trip tracks
  5. Have received my new GHIC and it looks very flashy with Union Jack splashed all over the front of the card. Here is the link to apply for one, at no cost: https://www.gov.uk/global-health-insurance-card
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