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  2. Steve reviews the worlds most iconic van on its 70th anniversary..... The Volkswagen Transporter. Just like the Volkswagen Beetle, the Transporter is just as famous worldwide and a true symbol of Volkswagen and recognised as a cult vehicle thanks to its involvement in the hippy movement and memories created over numerous generations for its use in holidays. Currently on is 6th version and 7th on the way, Steve takes a look at all generations of Transporter. T1 The first generation Transporter made its debut in 1950 and was a revolution being flat fronted and rear engined
  3. In the final installment Steve takes a look at another 10 British vehicles. Morgan 4/4 The 4/4 has been produced by the Morgan Motor Company since 1936 and the current styling was introduced on the Mk2 in 1955. All 4/4 models are fitted with a ford 4 cylinder engine and manual gearbox and is still in production. the 4/4, like other Morgan models is made with traditional methods of using a wooden frame made from ash and then covered in an aluminium skin. This means all Morgan's are hand made and no two cars are identical, and can be fully personalised by the first owner. They have pr
  4. Steve runs through another selection of vehicles which defines Britain. Triumph Dolomite Sprint Launched in 1972 until 1980 the Dolomite Sprint was a performance saloon car designed to be the BMW M3 of its day. Fitted with a 1.8 litre 4 cylinder 127bhp engine and 4 speed gearbox with optional over drive and double wishbone suspension it was a great little machine but fragile. As you'd expect it also had success in racing, winning the Touring Car drivers championship in 1975. It also takes the credit of being having the first multi valve mass produced engine and to the engine credit,
  5. Steve runs through a selection of vehicles which defines Britain Mini A true motoring icon, the Mini was designed to be an economy family car by Austin and Rover between 1959-2000. It was fitted with a transverse engine which allowed for 80% of the vehicle space to be used for people and luggage. But also had other innovative features such as rubber cones for the suspension which saved space along with being built as a monocoque which improved handling. The Min came about due to the threat of competition from other manufactures bringing small cars to Britain such as the Fiat 500 and
  6. Just for fun, Steve looks at a selection of kit cars you could use daily. Kit cars are a great symbol of personalisation within the motor industry and people choose them for multiple aspects such as the building process, driving or social aspect of clubs. But believe it or not there are a selection of kit cars that can be pressed into daily service if required and you might have more fun in doing so! Quantum saloon Based on the humble Mk2 Ford Fiesta mechanicals the Quantum Saloon is a fibreglass monocoque body/chassis which can carry 4 people and more sportier looking than t
  7. Steve sets out to prove you can enjoy camping with a motorhome on a budget. Motorhomes are an ideal tool to see the world whilst having all your creature comforts with you, but they tend to be expensive. If you are a handy DIYer then here are a selection of budget vans (sub £2000) ideal for motorhome conversions. LDV Convoy/Pilot The Pilot and larger version, the Convoy were the last of the infamous Sherpa vans and were made between 1996-2006. Available as a van, hightop, or minibus, they proved popular with Royal Mail, motorhome conversions and schools and the low roof 17 sea
  8. Steve takes a look at the first new Corolla model to grace our shores in over a decade. The Toyota Corolla, the world's most popular car. But with over a ten year absence on the UK market can the current model live up to its reputation? Exterior The styling of the new Corolla fits in nicely with the rest of the Toyota lineup including the Prius and the outgoing Auris, with it low nose and raked windscreen and thin LED headghlights make the Corolla appear to have come from a sci-fi program. The rear is quite bulbous thanks to a large rear boot lip but complimented with a
  9. Steve takes a look at 4 mass produced amphibious cars Usually when you imagine an amphibious car you think of James Bond or in military use. We often forget that there are a limited selection of mass produced amphibious cars which you can buy and use daily if you wished. Dutton Surf Tim Dutton is currently the world's leading manufacturer of amphibious cars and gas been building them for over 30 years. It's therefore no surprise two of his vehicles have made the list. The Surf has the sensible, utilitarian mechanicals of the Suzuki Jimny including it's 1.3 petrol engine, 4 whe
  10. Steve takes a look at a selection of retro inspired vans which are either still in production or have ceased production in the last few years. It's obvious vans are designed to carry a variety and a lot of stuff efficiently, but a van also has another crucial yet often forgotten role. For business owners, vans are moving billboards for their businesses. It cannot be denied that most new vans look similar to one another making it hard to stand out. However, I've found a selection of vans that will certainly stand out from the crowd. Piaggio Porter The Piaggio Porter is a micro
  11. Steve aims to find out whether the Ford Tourneo Connect is a good used MPV purchase by driving a 2017 1.5TDCI Zetec model. The Tourneo connect is technically the passenger carrying version of the second generation transit connect and deputed in the UK in 2014. The Tourneo connect shares its underpinnings with the Ford Focus and is aimed at competing against rivals such as the Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Rift and other similar sized vans. Exterior Compared to its predecessor and current rivals Ford have tried to make the Tourneo look less boxy by having long headligh
  12. Steve takes a look at a selection of vehicles that he feels are best suited for dogs. It cannot be denied we are a nation of dog lovers, and 26% of Britain's currently own at least one dog. As such I feel it important to highlight a selection of vehicles which have been designed with the transport of your canine companion in mind and I have tried to cater for most budgets. Nissan X Trail The current X Trail can be equipped with a pet pack Nissan call 4dogs. The pack transforms the boot into a comfortable compartment for your dog. Included in the pack is a wipe down interior,

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