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  • Sleeping Beauties USA

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    The Motorists Guide

    Steve reviews another book about abandoned automobiles, Sleeping Beauties USA

    This book is very similar to that of Roadside Relics, America’s Abandoned Automobiles as described in my previous review, however, that is where the similarities end. This book is shorter than Roadside Relics, but this does not make it any less interesting as each vehicle mentioned has a picture and description that covers two pages. Furthermore, Sleeping Beauties includes European manufacturers as well as the American counterparts which may increase its popularity.


    About the author

    Bjoern Marek lives in Miami, Florida and works as head of sales, public relations and marketing for the automotive company ABT as well as being a keen author.

    The Motorists Guide view:

    Just like the Roadside Relics book, Sleeping Beauties will appeal to anyone who has a keen interest in abandoned automobiles and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I found the pictures fantastic and many were of a better quality than those found in Roadside Relics. My only criticism of this book was that I found it not long enough and I was left wanting to read more but overall it was a great read.

    Bibliographic information: 

    Publisher: Veloce

    Publication: 2010

    RRP: 14.99

    ISBN: 978-1-845843-46-5

    Binding: hardback

    Extent: 96

    Illustrations: 58


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