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France Road Trip

The Motorists Guide



Road Trip through France

Vehicle:  Alfa Romeo GT diesel

Total Mileage:  1300 miles

Duration: 10 days

Route:  Calais - Reims - Dijon - Annecy - Chambrey - Oredour - Brantome - Le Mans - Cherbourg

27334370_FrenchTrip.thumb.png.e97c09c0e13d7baa4c1ee141ff593930.png    Downloadable Route Map link:   https://goo.gl/maps/zVs45s1fFxbQ631b9

Day 1 - Set off from Calais to Dijon with the intention of getting a good distance under way on the first day.
Stopped via Reims-Gieux, the historical race track used for the French Grand Prix during the early part of the 20th century.


Sadly now deserted and although derelict is now gradually being sympathetically restored.
Arrived at Dijon early evening to check into hotel and then find food and beer.


Day 2 & 3 - Set off from Dijon late morning to drive across to Annecy, a short distance drive unlike the long drive the day before.
Booked into hotel for a couple of days to discover the beautiful lakeside town of Annecy.


Day 4 - Set off to Chambrey taking in some spectacular alpine roads with stunning views.
Arrived at Chambrey, a short but memorable drive from Annecy.
Checked into hotel and off to discover the town and find food and beer once more!


Day 5, 6, 7 & 8 - Departed Chambrey to drive to Brantome to stay with friends.
Quite some drive along a very fast and smooth Autoroute with stunning vistas of the surrounding French landscape.
Arrived at friends and stayed for several days to break the journey.


Our friends took us out to Oredour-Sur-Glane which is the town razed to the ground by retreating German forces at the end of the second world war.
A very poignant and serene town, completely derelict as it was left in time, in memory of those who died. A new town is built alongside.


Checked out Brantome and some local villages in the evenings with plenty of open air dining and music.

Day 9 - Headed off to Le Mans to stay the night and revisit my favourite town (attended Le Mans 24 Hours for the past 14 years).


Day 10 - Headed off to Cherbourg for Ferry back to the UK

Summary:  a very pleasant meander through France going down the Eastern border, along the bottom of the mid-region and then up the western side in a horseshoe route.
Very memorable trip and wonderful choice of car to drive the superb French roads

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I remember this trip so well , was so impressed with Dijon with their unique roofs.

But the highlight of the trip for me was Annecy , it was so beautiful from the walk by the river to the open expanse of the beautiful lake.

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