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The Motorists' Guide

German Road Trip

The Motorists Guide



Road Trip through Germany

Vehicle:  BMW Z3

Total Mileage:  1800 miles

Duration: 8 days

Route:  Calais - Strasbourg - Fussen - Innsbruck -  

Day 1 - Calais to Strasbourg

Left Calais after ferry crossing from Dover.
Headed for Strasbourg for the first leg of the trip, heavy going but breaks the back of the journey on the first day.

image.thumb.png.2b904a3027e9a7d05c7bbf1155c38a1d.png  image.thumb.png.d3a75388a356cccae9ee5a7bfd45317f.png

Finally arrived at Strasbourg to check into hotel and source somewhere to eat and view the city at night. Quite incredible that the French / German border is on the same street and you can enjoy the fantastic restaurants and bars beneath the shadow of the stunning Cathedral.

 Day 2 - Strasbourg to Fussen

Left Strasbourg to drive through the Black Forest to Fussen, located in the heart of Bavaria.

image.thumb.png.d2cdb9055d6e17e8530581d76d30c2b5.png  image.thumb.png.cbf703001a452c261bb2441279a628fa.png

With a brief stop at Rothenburg to have some lunch and explore the town's streets, we then ventured through the Black Forest en-route to Bavaria

Using the pretext of the Z3 approaching 100k miles we thought it appropriate for the 100k mark to occur in Bavaria, where the car was originally built in the year 2000.  

image.thumb.png.1b45251bfd94a2fe5100a239a44921a0.png  image.thumb.png.d2e148932380ea2600689a9b0a7a2dc7.png

Finally arriving at Fussen and checking into the hotel located in the town centre it was then just a case of selecting a restaurant to dine in. Not too difficult as there are plenty of fine establishments to choose from.


Day 3 - The next day, we ventured up to Castle Neuschwanstein, made famous by Walt Disney who featured it in his cartoons as a fairytale castle.
The castle also featured in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and can only be described as stunning and a must-see if you are in Bavaria.

Day 4 - Fussen to Innsbruck

Arriving at Innsbruck after travelling along what can only be described as some of the most scenic driving roads in Europe, we arrived at Innsbruck in Austria and checked into our hotel located on the riverside.

image.thumb.png.6ae5fb553f6238e83545b57891c1fd24.png  image.thumb.png.985a1fc842ae7f7ebf2a0301733d6a99.pngimage.thumb.png.f777b0cf5c5beed353f36666b3d0ab2b.png

Day 5 - Spent a second day in Innsbruck as so much to see and experience, just what's needed after a long drive through Germany.

Day 6 & 7 - Innsbruck to Ypres

image.thumb.png.bdeefa9c551d1a6d58f448cb9c0e28fd.png  image.thumb.png.b2875f940736fc966454bed8433e84fc.png  image.thumb.png.c863e347a1c33d8ae3ba066b6811f663.png

Travelling back through the Black Forest ultimately heading to Ypres and the Menin Gate in Belgium.
Stopping at a hotel in the heart of the Black Forest for the night and then heading on after breakfast for the home run.
Arriving in Ypres, we were fortunate to witness the Last Post being performed in a very emotional ceremony to honour the fallen soldiers in the First World War.

Day 8 - Ypres to Calais

After approximately 1800 miles and 8 days of pure driving pleasure it was time to head back to the UK.

Summary:  A 'must do' for anyone who appreciates fine roads, stunning scenery, great food and drink, culture, fresh air and just about anything else that can contribute to a truly wonderful and memorable road trip.



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