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What do you Drive ?

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I'll start then....

Honda CR-V .  NOW SOLD
Mazda MX5 (mk1) . NOW SOLD
Mitsubishi L200
BMW GS1200 motorbike
Nissan X-Trail 

for the moment...but that could all change quite rapidly 🙂

Update:  said things could change in a short space of time....using the Z3 on a daily basis now and just the right time of year 🙂

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my daily driver is a mercedes ml320 which i need to get rid of but not ready to just yet

other cars i own are a mx5 eunos and a land rover freelander 

would like to get rid of the freelander and merc and buy a jeep cherokee instead

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great choice of old school cars BobT

Had a Eunos and a Freelander (or two) and have to say that I was pleased with both and neither of them gave me any real bother and if they did they were easy to fix and cheap on parts.

Not had an ML and don't think I could afford the running costs on one either

Currently doing some work on a Grand Cherokee and the owner has had it for years without any issues apart from a battery and tyres to date.

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Gone to the dark side now and sold the Alfa which will be sorely missed 😞

Have bought a Nissan Juke as has petrol engine and four doors which is now what i need.
Will have to get another Alfa in the future though, such fun cars to drive  x


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