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Alfa Mito power steering not working


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my Alfa Romeo Mito 1.3 JTDM has a problem with the power steering not working when I start the engine.

I have to switch it off and start if again for it to work

Any thoughts please?

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Hi Alfa4

The Mito uses an electric power steering rack which relies on quite a bit of battery power to function.
When you first fire up the engine the battery is supplying power to the glow plugs, starter motor and a whole range of other ancillary items.
With this demand on the battery the steering mechanism fundamentally has whats left of the power and sometimes it is not enough (less than 10.5 volts will cut the steering assistance as it registers as not enough power).

Two things you can do is to check the battery condition and charge level and replace if necessary with the correct rated battery and the other is to cycle the ignition so the glow plugs come on twice on cold days and then try running the engine then to see if the power steering works as it should.
Once the engine is running and warm then each start up should be fine and the electric power steering should then work each time.

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