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  1. Toyota took its fifth win of the season in tonight’s 2017 FIA World Endurance Championship finale, the 6 Hours of Bahrain. The No.8 of Sébastien Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima and Anthony Davidson won ahead of the two departing Porsche 919 Hybrids, the German cars appearing for the last time in the WEC. The paddock has united this weekend to pay tribute to the most successful car of the recent era, and the team which has won three consecutive FIA World Endurance Manufacturer Championships. Read more here https://autoevoke.com/2017/11/18/toyota-win-bahrain-ferraris-calado-pier-guidi-crowned-fia-gt-world-champions/
  2. WEC Fan Survey - Results

    Well, here are the results of the WEC Fan Survey to determine the way forward for the WEC series. Read more here https://autoevoke.com/2017/11/17/wec-fan-survey/
  3. Ford scored a hard-fought victory at the 6 Hours of Shanghai today as Andy Priaulx and Harry Tincknell claimed their second LMGTE Pro win of the 2017 FIA World Endurance Championship season Ford scored a hard-fought victory at the 6 Hours of Shanghai today as Andy Priaulx and Harry Tincknell claimed their second LMGTE Pro win of the 2017 FIA World Endurance Championship season. In doing so, the British duo thrust themselves back into championship contention in their No.67 Ford Ganassi Team UK Ford GT. Read more here https://autoevoke.com/2017/11/05/ford-take-win-epic-duel-ferrari-seals-gt-manufacturers-title/
  4. A dominant victory in the penultimate round of the 2017 FIA World Endurance Championship for Toyota was not enough to prevent Porsche from winning the World Manufacturers’ Championship today in Shanghai A dominant victory in the penultimate round of the 2017 FIA World Endurance Championship for Toyota was not enough to prevent Porsche from winning the World Manufacturers’ Championship today in Shanghai. Second place for the No.2 Porsche 919 Hybrid crew of Timo Bernhard, Earl Bamber and Brendon Hartley gave them a well-deserved 2017 FIA World Endurance Drivers’ title with one round remaining. It is Bernhard and Hartley’s second championship title (first in 2015) and Bamber’s first. Read more here https://autoevoke.com/2017/11/05/toyota-takes-win-shanghai-porsche-seals-wec-titles/
  5. The 2018 - 2019 WEC season Calendar is now published and can be viewed in the Events Calendar https://autoevoke.com/forums/index.php?/calendar/3-events/

    Le Man Classic
  7. WEC 6 Hours of Spa ( Belgium )

    WEC 6 Hours of Spa
  8. 1500 Miles of Sebring ( USA )

    1500 Miles of Sebring USA
  9. 6 Hours of Shanghai ( China )

    6 Hours of Shanghai
  10. 6 Hours of Fuji (Japan)

    6 Hours of Fuji
  11. 6 Hours of Silverstone ( United Kingdom)

    6 Hours of Silverstone
  12. WEC 6 Hours of Spa (Belgium)

    WEC 6 Hours of Spa - Endurance Race
  13. The WEC 6 Hours has officially started with Silverstone playing host to the first race of the season. Saturday 15th April 2017: With practice and qualifying sessions underway and Toyota installed in positions 1 & 2 and Porsche in positions 3 & 4, only race day can keep the positions in place or swap it completely. Following the Prologue at Monza at the beginning of April where Toyota showed their dominance from the offset, they have set their sights on achieving poll position for the season opener. We shall soon see! Sunday 16th April 2017: First Hour of the Race 12.00 / 6.00 – The race is now underway with a rolling start with Toyota in positions 1st (7) & 2nd (8) on the grid with Porsche 3rd (1) & 4th (2) 12.05 / 5.55 – Cars 7, 8, 2, 1 with a gap of 5.100 between the first (1.39.65) and the fourth cars. Bykolles (4) are in 9th position with a lap time of 1.48.35 12.15 / 5.45 – Lap 10 and positions have changed with cars now settled in a formation of numbers 8, 7, 2, 1 for the top four places. Lap time for number 8 car is 1.40.93 and a gap between car 8 and car 1 of 10.47 seconds. 12.25 / 5.35 – All LMP2 cars are in procession and grouped in order from race position 5 to 13 with Alpine car number 36 leading the pack. Bykolles (4) after some problems are in last position (27th) with a gap of 14 laps. All LMP1 have covered 15 laps with LMP2 having covered 14 laps. 12.30 / 5.30 – LMP1 race positions 1 – 4 are still in the same order after 18 laps and lap time has dropped for race leader to 1.42.22. GTE PRO grouping are race positions 14 to 20 with car number 67 Ford GT of Priaulx dropping back to 25th position after going into the pits. 12.35 / 5.35 – GTE AM have grouped in position 21 to 24 and 26 with lap time of lead car in group (98) Aston Martin driven by Lamy achieving a time of 2.02.09 12.45 / 5.15 – Leading four cars are now 2, 1, 8, 7 after Toyota pitted both their cars for a tyre change as rain starts. 12.48 / 5.12 – Porsche have now pitted with car # 1 but not 2 as yet for tyre change 12.50 / 5.10 – Porsche have now brought in # 2 car for tyre change and Bykolles (4) are now in position 21. LMP1 pack order is now once again 8, 7, 2, 1 12.55 / 5.05 – All LMP2 cars have now pitted for tyre changes. Bykolles (4) is now in 15th position. Car # 67, Ford GT is now at the back of the GTE PRO pack in position 21 1.00 / 5.00 – Leading four LMP1 cars are still in position 8, 7, 2, 1 with last lap time of 1.42.94 and gap between the 1st and 4th cars of 19.85 seconds. Bykolles (4) now in 14th position. All cars have now been into the pits and circuit is now drying out. Last hour of the 6 Hour race 17.05 / 55.00 – Toyota #8 in the lead with Nakajima at the wheel pursued by Porsche’s #2 and #1 with a gap of 19.30 and 21.19 respectively. Hartley driving the #2 Porsche and Tandy in the #1 Porsche. 17.15 / 45.00 – Bykolles (4) is in 12th position. LMP2 class seem to have stayed in group sequence pretty much throughout the whole race as have the GTE Pro and AM classes. Porsche #2 has now taken the lead with a 55.67 second lead over the Toyota #8 17.30 / 30.00 – With the #2 Porsche entering the pits after 180 laps, but still out in front of team-mate Tandy in the #1 car (32.90 seconds behind), leaving a gap of 8.22 seconds ahead of Toyota #8 driven by Buemi 17.40 / 20.00 – Porsche #2 with Hartley at the wheel on lap 185 is still ahead of the #8 Toyota but only by 2.72 seconds 17.45 / 15.00 – Toyota #8 takes the lead and quickly establishes a 0.81 second lead over the #2 Porsche 17.55 / 5.00 – Toyota # 8 is still in lead with only five minutes to go and after 193 laps has a lead of 4.99 seconds over the # 2 Porsche. 18.00 / 0.00 – Toyota Gazoo Racing car #8 wins the WEC Silverstone 6 Hours after a total of 197 laps and successfully brought home by Buemi with a lead of 5.93 seconds over #2 Porsche.
  14. Resources: Entry List – click link for downloadable PDF – Nurburgring Entry List Race Review Sunday 16th July 2017 – Nurburgring, Germany WEC 6 Hours of Nurburgring Race Day – Weather conditions are not as predicted and the day has started with rain which has left large amounts of surface water which will hopefully disappear when the race starts at 1.00pm (local time). The fourth round of the 2017 WEC is likely to see a great deal of battling for a podium position from not only Porsche and Toyota but also the LMP2 competitors, as was the situation at the Le Mans 24 Hours. Porsche and Toyota are close in terms of race pace as the German manufacturer showcases its new high-downforce 919 Hybrid. In LMGTE Pro, any of the eight contestants could take the silverware as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Ford and Porsche push to the limit in order to try and open out a points advantage in the new-for-2017 GT FIA World Endurance Manufacturers Championship. LMP2 sees similar levels of unpredictability as multiple teams fight tooth-and-nail to be top of the most competitive-ever field in the category. LMGTE Am sees Ferrari, Aston Martin and Porsche fight it out with evenly matched pairings and another nail-biting encounter guaranteed. Not long now to find out who will reign supreme at Nurburgring….follow the action here! ***************************************************************************************** 1.00pm / 6.00 – Race start – The cars have set off with a delay with both the Porsche and Toyota leaving late from the grid. Conditions are dry and rain is not forecast for the rest of the race. Toyota #8 is experiencing problems and is currently limping around the circuit which has brought out a yellow flag even before the rolling start occurs. Grid position is as follows: 1st #7 Toyota, 2nd #2 Porsche, 3rd Porsche #1, 4th #8 Toyota Toyota #8 is experiencing problems and is currently limping around the circuit which has brought out a yellow flag even before the rolling start occurs. The start has now been delayed as the disabled Toyota is still slow moving and the race has restarted with a single file rolling start. The Toyota has managed to get back to the pits on Electro-Motive power. 1.05 / 5.55 – The LMP1 positions after five minutes on from the official start time is 1st- #7 Toyota, 2nd- #2 Porsche and 3rd- Porsche #1. #8 Toyota is in the pits but has engine problems and may have substantial delays until back on the track. #4 Bykolles is trailing after experiencing problems at the start of the race. Positions for LMP2 are: #31 Rebellion and #13 Rebellion followed by Jackie Chan car #38 1.10 / 5.50 – Toyota #7 is preparing to return to the race and is currently prepping in the pit lane. 1.15 / 5.45 – Rain has just started but looks to be quite light. GTE PRO positions are: #95 Aston Martin, #91 Porsche and #66 Ford GT GTE AM positions are: #98 Aston Martin, #77 Porsche and #54 Ferrari 1.20 / 5.40 – Lap 10 is underway and with the rain getting slightly heavier the speeds are dropping slightly. Fastest lap time so far was on lap 6 by Kobayashi in the Toyota #7 car with a time of 1.40.633 seconds 1.25 / 5.35 – LMP1 Bykolles car #4 is now in 12th overall position and making progress through the pack. 1.30 / 5.30 – The different classes are in their respective categories with little intervention from stray cars (#4 LMP1, #8 Toyota) 1.35 / 5.25 – With more than half of the first hour behind us, the positions are the same as the first five minutes with very little change across the board after 17 laps LMP1 positions: #7 Toyota, #2 Porsche, #1 Porsche LMP2 positions: #31 Rebellion, #13 Rebellion, #38 Jackie Chan GTE PRO positions: #95 Aston Martin, #91 Porsche, #66 Ford GT GTE AM positions: #98 Aston Martin, #61 Ferrari, #54 Ferrari 1.40 / 5.20 – 22nd lap and the overall positions haven’t changed. The gap between the lead Toyota and the second position Porsche is only 0.70 seconds 1.45 / 5.15 – The gap between the two lead cars is now only 0.51 seconds with a reshuffle looking quite imminent. #4 Rebellion is now in 11th position. 1.50 / 5.10 – #8 Toyota is now making its way up the table after leaving the pits following repairs to the fuel system. The positions are changing quite a bit now as some cars are pitting to replace the tyres that have been on since qualifying. There is a strong battle for positions in GTE PRO class especially with the Aston and Porsche. #1 Porsche has routinely entered the pits followed by the Toyota #7 and the Porsche #2 for driver changes. 6.00 / 1.00 – Final hour of the 6-hour race – Lap 168 – Majority of the race has been on a dry track surface Toyota LMP1 #8 is back in the running but is still 5 laps behind the race leading Porsche #1 Bykolles LMP1 #4 is in 14th overall position and is 20 laps behind the race leader 6.10 / 0.50 – Many cars are now pitting to take on enough fuel to finish the race 6.20 / 0.40 – Positions so far are: LMP1 – #1 Porsche, #2 Porsche, #7 Toyota, #8 Toyota LMP2 – #38 Jackie Chan Oreca, #31 Vaillante Rebellion, #36 Signatech Alpine, #13 Vaillante Rebellion GTE PRO – #51 AF Corse Ferrari, #91 Porsche GT, #92 Porsche GT, #95 Aston Martin GTE AM – #77 Dempsey Proton Porsche, #54 Ferrari, #98 Aston Martin, #61 Ferrari 6.30 / 0.30 – Lap 188 – All positions remain the same for the last few laps 6.45 / 0.15 – Toyota #8 is currently 6 laps down from the race leading #1 Porsche 6.50 / 0.10 – Porsche #2 has now taken the race lead as Porsche #1 enters the pits for a driver change. Toyota #7 has just pitted for enough fuel to finish the race 6.55 / 0.05 – 201 laps and Porsche #2 is in the lead with Timo Bernhard driving and Andre Lotterer driving the #1 Porsche in second place. Toyota #7 with Kobayashi driving in third place and Toyota #8 with Nakajima driving in fourth place. 7.00 / 0.00 – PORSCHE WINS THE WEC 6 HOURS OF NURBURGRING 2017
  15. The second race of the season and the penultimate race before Le Mans 24 Hours in June, one that both Porsche and Toyota are seeking to gain points in the championship but also to prepare for the ultimate battle for supremacy at Le Mans. Following the unfortunate crash of car #7 at Silverstone last month, after being successfully repaired and back on the track. In addition to cars #7 and #8 is the introduction of the third car #9, which will be getting a shakedown prior to Le Mans. As it stands, Porsche #1, first and Toyota #2, second at the front of the grid for the start of the race with Toyota’s #9 in third and #8 in fourth with Porsche #2 sitting alongside in fifth position. Saturday 6th May 2017, the weather could not be better, 18 degrees and the track is bone dry….perfect conditions for racing, let’s hope it continues like this. First Hour of the WEC Spa Six Hour Race 14.30 / 6.00: Race commences with start lap to warm engines and tyres before commencing rolling start on next lap 14.31 / 5.59: Almost immediately after the rolling start, #4 got nudged off in the scramble for lead position 14.35 / 5.55: Five minutes into the race and the LMP1 class stands at 1st (#1) 2nd (#8) 3rd (#7) 4th (#2) 5th (#9) with #4 in 8th position after the earlier altercation. 14.40 / 5.50: Porsche #4 has now dropped into 7th place 14.45 / 5.45: LMP2 are bunched into a neat set now that Porsche #4 has joined the rest of the LMP1 pack. Following in order at this stage are the GT PRO cars with the GT AM cars also neatly bunched. 14.50 / 5.40: Fastest Lap time of the race so far has been set down by Toyota #9 with a time of 1.58.02 on Lap 2. LMP2 #34 is now clawing up the race order and has joined the GT PRO ranks but is gaining one position each lap 14.55 / 5.35: The LMP1 order for first six positions now stands at: 1st (#7) 2nd (#8) 3rd (#1) 4th (#2) 5th (#9) 6th (#4) so it’s Toyota in the first two and Porsche in the third and fourth positions 15.00 / 5.30: All classes are nestled in their respective categories with racing very close at this stage and no-one imminently looking to break up the order. The Bykolles car #4 (the only non-hybrid LMP1) has a gap of 1.56 seconds behind race leader Toyota #7 15.10 / 5.20: Starting to see all of the LMP2 cars coming in for routine pit stops. Close competition with the two Ford GT’s #66 and #67 swapping places with Tincknell taking the lead into 20th place 15.15 / 5.15: Now starting to see the LMP1 cars pitting with the 4th and fifth place cars coming in first, closely followed by the rest of the lead cars with some driver changes taking place 15.20 / 5.10: LMP2 cars #35 and ’38 had an altercation at La Source but with both cars staying on track with minor damage 15.25 / 5.05: Lead LMP1 Toyota car #7 has now completed 27 Laps with LMP2 car #37 on 25 Laps 15.30 / 5.00: Lead places are #7, #8, #2, #1, #9, #4 – so still the two Toyota’s closely followed by the two Porsche’s Last Hour of the WEC Spa Six Hour Race 19.30 / 1.00: It’s been a consistent race during the last four hours with very little drama and just a few mishaps but nothing major. The groupings are as they were previously with the exception of a battle for number 1 position which Porsche have finally obtained. 19.32 / 0.58: Porsche obtained the lead in the last hour and they have just been relieved of it by Toyota after Hartley was involved in a scuffle with an LMP2. Both Toyota’s have regained 1st and 2nd position with Porsche in 3rd and 4th. The third Toyota is in 5th position and the Bykolles in 6th place. 19.40 / 0.50: With 147 Laps in this race so far and the fastest Lap time was in Lap 122 from Brendon Hartley with a time of 1.57.63 in Porsche #2 19.45 / 0.45: The race leaders in LMP1 class as it stands are: Toyota #8, Toyota #7, Porsche #2, Porsche #1, Toyota #9, Bykolles #4 19.50 / 0.40: The race leader for LMP2 class is: car #26 in 7th place with a gap of 15.49 seconds behind the race leading LMP1. Race leader for GT PRO is Ferrari #71 with 133 Laps and for GT AM Aston Martin #98 with 129 Laps 20.00 / 0.30: Quite possibly because of it being a dry track all day, the running order has stayed pretty much the same throughout the whole five and half hours but this should change within the next half hour. 20.10 / 0.20: Now at 163 Laps, only 20 minutes to go and with daylight hours dwindling, the race is now starting to change order. Porsche #2 has taken the second place ahead of Toyota #8 20.15 / 0.15: Race order at this stage is: #2, #8, #7, #1, #9, #4. Porsche #2 has taken the lead position with Toyota’s #8 and #7 in 2nd and 3rd 20.20 / 0.10: Toyota have just regained the lead with both #8 and #7 cars following Hartley’s Porsche #2 going into the pits 20.25 / 0.05: Currently Toyota #8 has a 31 second lead over the leading Porsche #2 with the #7 Toyota 2.2 seconds behind 20.30 / 0.00: Toyota wins the WEC Spa 6 Hours with car #8 driven by Buemi with Toyota #7 falling into 2nd place. Porsche #2 driven by Hartley in 3rd place and the second Porsche driven by Lotterer in 4th place. 5th place went to Toyota #9 driven by Lapierre and Bykolles #4 in 6th place.
  16. Le Mans 24 Hours (2017) - Race Report

    Entry list for Drivers and Cars for the 2017 Le Mans 24 Hours – 24H – Entry list with Drivers line ups – V 17.05.2017 Le Mans 24 Hours Test Day results – https://autoevoke.com/2017/06/04/toyota-1-2-3-le-mans-test-day/ Le Mans 24 Hours Qualifying – https://autoevoke.com/2017/06/15/le-mans-24-hours-update-toyota-claim-provisional-pole-1st-qualifying-session/ Le Mans 24 Hours Starting Grid Download PDF document here – Starting Grid for the Le Mans 24 Hours 2017 To commence the 85th Le Mans 24 Hours, the starting grid for the LMP1 class is as follows: Toyota #7 with Mike Conway starting is in pole position and Toyota #8 with Buemi at the wheel in second. Third position is Porsche #1 with Jani starting and in fourth position is Porsche #2 with Bernhard. Fifth and sixth is Toyota #9 with Lapierre and Bykolles #4 with Webb both starting. Track and Air temperatures are incredibly high for this year’s race and up in the high thirties which obviously provides a dry surface but also brings additional problems such as reduced fuel volumes and engine, tyres and driver temperatures. Predictions are that if the ambient temperature rises beyond 32 degrees Centigrade then this could present a major problem to Toyota who is not running their cars with Air Conditioning, unlike Porsche who is. A potential result of this would be that the Toyota team would only allow the drivers to drive for a period of 80 minutes without a break as opposed to the 4 hours for Porsche. REVIEW OF THE LE MANS 24 HOURS (2017) 3.00 pm / 24.00 (hours remaining) – Race Start and very quickly the positions shuffle in the first lap with Porsche #1 taking second place from Toyota #8 and Bykolles #4 retiring to the pit lane after sustaining accident damage. FACT: Fastest lap currently has been set down by Conway in the Toyota #7 with a time of 3.18.93 seconds on lap 2 3.20 / 23.40 – Positions currently stand at Toyota #7, Porsche #1, Toyota #8, Porsche #2, Toyota #9 with Bykolles #4 currently out of the race. All of the LMP2 class cars are grouped evenly and this is also the case with the GT PRO and AM classes staying firmly within their categories. FACT: Conway has now set the fastest lap again (3rd lap) with a time of 3.18.69 in the Toyota #7. 3.35 pm / 23.25 – The LMP1 class is still in the same grouping as before with no changes. LMP2 is currently being led by Senna in car #31 with Petrov in #25 close behind with a 8.34 second gap. In GT PRO, Aston Martin #95 is currently leading with a gap of 2 minutes and 12 seconds behind the lead LMP1. Behind the #95 Aston is #97 Aston and the #51 Ferrari with #69 Ford GT in fourth in class. In GT AM, #50 Corvette leads in class with #98 Aston following behind with #62 Ferrari in third and in fourth is #90 Aston Martin. 3.45 pm / 23.15 – In LMP1, Toyota #8 is in the lead with Toyota #7 in second, with Porsche’s #1 and #2 behind in third and fourth places leaving Toyota #9 in fifth place. Bykolles #4 is still in the garage with the driver (Webb) out of the car following unresolvable engine problems. FACT: Most of the GT PRO and GT AM cars have now pitted RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 1 Click here to download PDF document 4.00 pm / 23.00 – All groupings are the same as halfway through the first hour with track temperatures dropping slightly. FACT: 17 laps were completed in the first hour of the 24 hour race. #22 LMP2 Oreca has suffered from a transmission fault is currently garaged for a gearbox actuator replacement. 4.15 pm / 22.45 – #26 G-Drive LMP2 has contacted the #88 Proton Porsche and both cars have sustained severe damage although the Porsche has managed to return to the garage. The G-Drive LMP2 is still out on the track with no drive and the sector (8) is currently yellow flagged. UPDATE: The #26 car has now managed to return to the garage for inspection and repair. Porsche #88 has now officially retired from the race following severe damage sustained in the earlier collision with #26 G-Drive LMP2. The #26 G Drive has now also officially retired following the accident. RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 2 Click here to download PDF document 5.00 pm / 22.00 – All positions for LMP1 remain the same with no changes with the remaining five cars. LMP2 class is also grouped with no major changes in position, apart from the retired cars no longer active. GT PRO and GT AM classes have had minor shuffling in positions but otherwise, they also remain grouped in their respective classes for positioning in the race. LMP1 positions are as follows: #7 Toyota, #8 Toyota, #1 Porsche, #2 Porsche, #9 Toyota FACT: LMP1 have completed 37 laps and LMP2 covering 35 laps, GT PRO 32 laps and GT AM 31 laps 5.45 pm / 21.15 – The positioning remains the same in the LMP1 class but with earlier driver changes. #7 Toyota is now being piloted by Kobayashi, #8 Toyota has Davidson at the wheel, #1 Porsche with Tandy and #2 with Bamber driving, #9 Toyota has Lopez at the helm. FACT: LMP1 have completed 47 laps and LMP2 covering 45 laps, GT PRO 41 laps and GT AM 40 laps RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 3 Click here to download PDF document 6.00 pm / 21.00 – No changes in the running order for the LMP1 cars but #39 LMP2 has dropped down to 38th position and is currently the only car breaking up the GT grouping. UPDATE: #1 Porsche has taken 2nd position as #8 Toyota pits and takes on Nakajima as the replacement driver. #2 Porsche has just pitted with tyres having been used for three sessions. LMP1 have completed 37 laps and LMP2 covering 35 laps, GT PRO 32 laps and GT AM 31 laps RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 4 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 5 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 6 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 7 Click here to download PDF document 11.15 pm / 15.45 – Now on lap 136 and quite a few changes in race positions with all classes now mixed up. Toyota #7 is still in lead position with #1 Porsche in second and #9 Toyota in third. Toyota #8 is in 14th position after pitting earlier in the race and staying in since lap 125. Porsche #2 is in 34th position and went into the garage on lap 117 with Timo Bernhard in the driving seat. Toyota #8 car is currently experiencing problems with very high track temperatures which is causing issues with the front brakes and hybrid systems. LMP2 class is still in category as it GT PRO. GT AM is slightly mixed up with a few back-marking LMP2 cars. RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 8 Click here to download PDF document 12.15 am / 14.45 – LMP1 Porsche #2 is now in 21st position and working it’s way up the table after leaving the garage for electrical repairs. UPDATE: Ford #66 has left the track and spun into the run off gravel area. Once recovered, Pla and the Ford GT are now back in the running. 12.30 am / 14.30 – Toyota #8 is still in the garage and currently lying in 54th position with ongoing repairs to replace one of the front hybrid units. 12.45 am / 14.15 – Toyota #7 with Kobayashi behind the wheel has just experienced problems with transmission and cannot select gears. Porsche #1 has now taken the lead with Tandy driving. FACT: Laps covered in the race so far: LMP1 154 laps, LMP2 145 laps, GT PRO 135 laps, GT AM 133 laps RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 9 Click here to download PDF document 1.00 am / 14.00 – Toyota #7 has now stopped on the circuit after trying to limp back to the pit lane since exhausting the hybrid battery power. The car is now permanently out of the race after not being able to return to the pit lane unassisted. Toyota #8 currently in 54th position should be returning to the race shortly after a two-hour stint in the garage enabling Toyota to continue running two out of their three cars. Porsche #1 with Tandy driving is now in 1st position and the #9 Toyota in second place. UPDATE: One of the Manor LMP2 cars has just left the track at Dunlop Curves. UPDATE: #9 Toyota has lost a rear tyre and is currently heading for the pit lane. The car is short of the required distance due to damage to the engine hydraulic system caused by the tyre blowout but Lapierre is attempting to continue with hybrid power. The tyre blowout is now being linked to the previous contact with the Manor car. LMP2 car #31 with Prost driving is now in 3rd position UPDATE: Lapierre has exited the #9 car which did not make the final few yards to the pit lane and the car is now officially retired along with the #7 car. The #8 car is the last remaining Toyota in the Le Mans 24 Hours but is already over two hours behind in the race. 2.00 am / 13.00 – The overall positions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd are; LMP1 #1 Porsche driven by Tandy, followed by LMP2 #31 Valient Rebellion Oreca driven by Prost and in third place is LMP2 #13 Valient Rebellion driven by Beche. RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 10 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 11 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 12 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 13 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 14 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 15 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 16 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 17 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 18 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 19 Click here to download PDF document RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 20 Click here to download PDF document 11.45 am / 3.15 – Porsche #1 driven by Lotterer has officially retired after suffering engine power failure and having to rely on Hybrid power to return to the garage for investigation. Porsche #2 has now returned to 2nd position after 315 laps with the #8 Toyota in 10th position but with only 305 laps behind it. The #38 LMP2 car of Jackie Chan with Laurent is currently leading the race with 317 laps covered. RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 21 Click here to download PDF document 12.15 pm / 2.45 – As it currently stands, the overall classification for the first four cars is as follows: 1st – #38 LMP2 on 321 laps, 2nd – #2 LMP1 on 320 laps, 3rd – #13 LMP2 on 319 laps, 4th – #35 LMP2 on 319 laps. The only other remaining LMP1 car, #8 Toyota is currently in 10th position and has obtained 309 laps. FACT: The track temperature is currently at 41 degrees Centigrade which is taking it’s toll on the tyres and engines. 12.55 pm / 2.05 – Current position for top four cars is 1st – #38 LMP2 on 332 laps, 2nd – #2 LMP1 with a gap of 3.10 seconds gap behind the race leader, 3rd – #35 LMP2 on 330 laps, 4th – #13 LMP2 with a 1.16 second gap behind the 2nd place car. RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 22 Click here to download PDF document 1.15 pm / 1.45 – The lead LMP2 Oreca (#38) is on 337 laps with the second place Porsche (#2) behind with a 2.10.84 second gap. The #35 Alpine LMP2 car is in third place on 335 laps and the #13 Oreca LMP2 in fourth place with a gap of 0.405 second gap behind the Alpine. RACE CLASSIFICATION DOCUMENT LINK – HOUR 23 Click here to download PDF document 2.00 pm / 1.00 – Porsche #2 has now taken the lead position with Bernhard driving and the car has obtained a total of 351 laps. In close second is the LMP2 car #38 of Jackie Chan driven by Tung and is 43.341 seconds behind the lead Porsche. The Toyota #8 is in 9th position and has 342 laps behind it so far. 2.30 pm / 0.30 – Porsche #2 still in lead position at 358 laps and still being driven by Bernhard. 2.45 pm / 0.15 – The #8 Toyota is still 9 laps (353 laps) behind the Porsche #2 (362 laps) with only 15 minutes left to race. LMP2 class is chasing the tail of the Porsche #2 and currently holding 2nd place is #38 Oreca and 3rd place #13 Oreca. In GT PRO class, the Corvette #63 is leading and closely followed in a huge battle for podium is the #97 Aston Martin and the #67 Ford GT in third position in class. GTE AM is being dominated by Ferrari with the top three positions being held by the one brand. 3.00 pm / 0.00 – FINISH OF THE LE MANS 24 HOURS Porsche #2 WINS the 85th Le Mans 24 Hours race, driven by Timo Bernhard over a total of 367 laps. 2nd podium place is taken by LMP2 car #38 Oreca driven by H Tung over 366 laps 3rd podium place is taken by LMP2 car #13 Oreca driven by J Piquet over 364 laps. 24 HOUR RESULTS DOCUMENT LINK – Click here to download PDF document
  17. WEC Prologue - Circuit Paul Ricard

    Prologue at Circuit Paul Ricard to kick off the WEC season. Teams get time in for driver practice and a pre-season shakedown of the cars.
  18. World Endurance Championship - Survey

    Lots of controversy over the proposed calendar for 2018/19 at the moment. The FIA WEC are currently encouraging all spectators and fans of the race series to have their say through an online survey. Now is your chance to shape the future of the series by clicking the following link https://wecsurvey.motorsport.com/
  19. Le Mans 24 Hours (2018)

    More information can be found on the ACO website http://www.lemans.org/en
  20. Well the European leg of the WEC has now concluded with the remaining races taking place on the other side of the globe. Amid controversial news that shook the WEC world, the series still remains strong with plans in place to ensure the longevity of the race series. Now is the chance to have your say by completing a survey for the WEC to alter the future of the race series. https://www.motorsport.com/wec/news/click-here-to-complete-the-fia-wec-global-fan-survey-956322/