Nurburgring 6 Hours WEC (2017)

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Sunday 16th July 2017 – Nurburgring, Germany

WEC 6 Hours of Nurburgring Race Day – Weather conditions are not as predicted and the day has started with rain which has left large amounts of surface water which will hopefully disappear when the race starts at 1.00pm (local time).

The fourth round of the 2017 WEC is likely to see a great deal of battling for a podium position from not only Porsche and Toyota but also the LMP2 competitors, as was the situation at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Porsche and Toyota are close in terms of race pace as the German manufacturer showcases its new high-downforce 919 Hybrid.

In LMGTE Pro, any of the eight contestants could take the silverware as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Ford and Porsche push to the limit in order to try and open out a points advantage in the new-for-2017 GT FIA World Endurance Manufacturers Championship.

LMP2 sees similar levels of unpredictability as multiple teams fight tooth-and-nail to be top of the most competitive-ever field in the category.

LMGTE Am sees Ferrari, Aston Martin and Porsche fight it out with evenly matched pairings and another nail-biting encounter guaranteed.

Not long now to find out who will reign supreme at Nurburgring….follow the action here!


1.00pm / 6.00 – Race start – The cars have set off with a delay with both the Porsche and Toyota leaving late from the grid. Conditions are dry and rain is not forecast for the rest of the race. Toyota #8 is experiencing problems and is currently limping around the circuit which has brought out a yellow flag even before the rolling start occurs.

Grid position is as follows:  1st #7 Toyota, 2nd #2 Porsche, 3rd Porsche #1, 4th #8 Toyota

Toyota #8 is experiencing problems and is currently limping around the circuit which has brought out a yellow flag even before the rolling start occurs.

The start has now been delayed as the disabled Toyota is still slow moving and the race has restarted with a single file rolling start. The Toyota has managed to get back to the pits on Electro-Motive power.

1.05 / 5.55 – The LMP1 positions after five minutes on from the official start time is 1st- #7 Toyota, 2nd- #2 Porsche and 3rd- Porsche #1. #8 Toyota is in the pits but has engine problems and may have substantial delays until back on the track. #4 Bykolles is trailing after experiencing problems at the start of the race.

Positions for LMP2 are: #31 Rebellion and #13 Rebellion followed by Jackie Chan car #38

1.10 / 5.50 – Toyota #7 is preparing to return to the race and is currently prepping in the pit lane.

1.15 / 5.45 – Rain has just started but looks to be quite light.

GTE PRO positions are: #95 Aston Martin, #91 Porsche and #66 Ford GT

GTE AM positions are: #98 Aston Martin, #77 Porsche and #54 Ferrari

1.20 / 5.40 – Lap 10 is underway and with the rain getting slightly heavier the speeds are dropping slightly.

Fastest lap time so far was on lap 6 by Kobayashi in the Toyota #7 car with a time of 1.40.633 seconds

1.25 / 5.35 – LMP1 Bykolles car #4 is now in 12th overall position and making progress through the pack.

1.30 / 5.30 – The different classes are in their respective categories with little intervention from stray cars (#4 LMP1, #8 Toyota)

1.35 / 5.25 – With more than half of the first hour behind us, the positions are the same as the first five minutes with very little change across the board after 17 laps

LMP1 positions:  #7 Toyota, #2 Porsche, #1 Porsche

LMP2 positions: #31 Rebellion, #13 Rebellion, #38 Jackie Chan

GTE PRO positions: #95 Aston Martin, #91 Porsche, #66 Ford GT

GTE AM positions: #98 Aston Martin, #61 Ferrari, #54 Ferrari

1.40 / 5.20 – 22nd lap and the overall positions haven’t changed. The gap between the lead Toyota and the second position Porsche is only 0.70 seconds

1.45 / 5.15 – The gap between the two lead cars is now only 0.51 seconds with a reshuffle looking quite imminent.

#4 Rebellion is now in 11th position.

1.50 / 5.10 – #8 Toyota is now making its way up the table after leaving the pits following repairs to the fuel system.

The positions are changing quite a bit now as some cars are pitting to replace the tyres that have been on since qualifying. There is a strong battle for positions in GTE PRO class especially with the Aston and Porsche.

#1 Porsche has routinely entered the pits followed by the Toyota #7 and the Porsche #2 for driver changes.

6.00 / 1.00 – Final hour of the 6-hour race –  Lap 168 – Majority of the race has been on a dry track surface

Toyota LMP1 #8 is back in the running but is still 5 laps behind the race leading Porsche #1

Bykolles LMP1 #4 is in 14th overall position and is 20 laps behind the race leader

6.10 / 0.50 – Many cars are now pitting to take on enough fuel to finish the race

6.20 / 0.40 – Positions so far are:

LMP1 – #1 Porsche, #2 Porsche, #7 Toyota, #8 Toyota

LMP2 – #38 Jackie Chan Oreca, #31 Vaillante Rebellion, #36 Signatech Alpine, #13 Vaillante Rebellion

GTE PRO – #51 AF Corse Ferrari, #91 Porsche GT, #92 Porsche GT, #95 Aston Martin

GTE AM – #77 Dempsey Proton Porsche, #54 Ferrari, #98 Aston Martin, #61 Ferrari

6.30 / 0.30 – Lap 188 – All positions remain the same for the last few laps

6.45 / 0.15 – Toyota #8 is currently 6 laps down from the race leading #1 Porsche

6.50 / 0.10 – Porsche #2 has now taken the race lead as Porsche #1 enters the pits for a driver change.

Toyota #7 has just pitted for enough fuel to finish the race

6.55 / 0.05 – 201 laps and Porsche #2 is in the lead with Timo Bernhard driving and Andre Lotterer driving the #1 Porsche in second place.

Toyota #7 with Kobayashi driving in third place and Toyota #8 with Nakajima driving in fourth place.



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