The Bentley, a true British manufactured car made famous by the ‘Bentley Boys’ in the 1920’s.

Walter Owen Bentley, or W.O as he was known to all who knew him, pioneered the way for British engineering to develop cars that were successful on the racetrack against the likes of Bugatti and Mercedes.

Originally, WO Bentley worked on the Railway, as an apprentice. After leaving the Railway to advance his education in Engineering, he diversified into the automotive arena, subsequently working for the National Cab Company and later purchasing the London DFP (Doriot, Flandrin et Parant) dealership, which he and his brother then rebranded as Bentley and Bentley.

Bentley Motors was formed in 191 with the first 3-litre car launched in 1921 and Bentleys being raced at Le Mans from 1923.

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